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Department Of Civil Engineering

शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, उस्मानाबाद

Department Of Civil Engineering




Equipment Details

List of Major Equipment available in LabTotal Cost of all equipment available in lab
Tile Abrasion esting m/c – HT ( Model No. IS 0237 & 170643900
Universal Triaxial test App. As per I.S.2720 Part XII of 1981 & its Accessories as per bill65000
Compression Testing Machine CDR-20027800
Hardness testing machine Rockwell cum Brinell hardness36280
Compression testing machine 200T.capacity with accessories as per -2 technical specification (WBDSR -3 page no.42)89420
Tile Abrasion testing m/c – HT ( Model No. IS 0237 & 1706 )3900
7) Accelerated curing tank- Accelerated curing tank for 6 concrete cube moulds of 150mm size fully insulated complete with a hinged lid heater, thermos state stand recirculation pump with a provision of removable racks allowing force circulation of water around each cube with a temperature control at 100. C. (CDSR -7 page no.86)52725
Intel Desktop pcs windows make model No HP COMPAQ 6300 PRO SFF Processor third generation intel core is clock frequency 3.4 GHZ cache memory 6m chipset intel 75 , pci , 2pci express & 1pci express x16 graphics 39900
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